Garbage Crusher

Since I moved to Amsterdam and lived by myself, one of the things I avoided was taking out the trash. I made a deal with the cleaning lady that she would take it out when she comes every two weeks.

This resulted in a dilemma, I have to make sure my trash can can fit all my garbage for two weeks. I started optimizing by crushing everything and making it smaller. After all I don’t want to get garbage overflow and have to take the trash out.

Bottles either get crushed of filled with other stuff

The problem is sometimes my physical power doesn’t allow me to do this all the time. I wished trash bins had a garbage crusher built in so people like me can save the space. Until the cleaning lady comes…

Being on track

One thing that can happen very easily in the tech sector is being outdated. Things are changing faster than most of us can cope with.

I feel there are many things happened recently that I almost missed, and if talked to most of the people around me, the will probably know nothing about it. My current list inlcludes

  • Deep Learning (I understand the basics, but I don’t fully understand the capabilities and technical limits).
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency.
  • Quantum Computing.

While the previous leaps were the internet, the mobile, and the cloud. Those were considerably easy to digest and understand compared to the topics I mentioned which require a lot of reading/experimenting to understand what’s really going on.

I hope I can dedicate some time to understand about each and be on track. If you know any resources about any of those feel free to share with me.