The coddling of the American mind

I am currently reading this book. It has been long since I got hooked to that level on a book.

As a strong advocate of free speech this book gives a great model on the current issues within the context of university education.

I only read Jonathan Haidt first book “The righteous mind”. While he is not considered part of the intellectual dark web, I am now getting a deeper understanding for the importance of such group even if I disagree with some of their ideas. He didn’t mention them at all in the book (I am on page 70) but what he is describing on university campuses has actually expanded almost everywhere.

I am still reading and enjoying it.

If you are a free speech advocate and against silencing those you disagree with on the basis of reducing hate speech, this book is definitely for you.

And if you think hate speech should be constrained this book also explains the dangers of this act.