I find myself repeating many of those abstractions to the people I talk to. They help me form an opinion, and advise others when applicable.

They will also help you understand who am I or what would be my opinion on something.

Few of them are mine, many I borrow from conventional wisdom I stumble upon. I will keep updating them.

  • 95% of effort is wasted.
  • Human abilities are overrated. Desires and incentives are underrated.
  • Unhapiness comes from desire.
  • Happiness comes from 1) Having good meaningful relationships. 2) Accepting what you have and not desiring anything.
  • You don’t know someone until you have  conflict of interest with them.
  • 99% of what you consider risk is just in your head.
  • This too shall pass.
  • Free will is not real. We are a result of our environments. Change the environment and people will behave differently.
  • What’s not fully attained, shouldn’t be fully abandoned. ما لا يدرك كله ، لا يترك كله.
  • Good life advice is mostly easier said than done.