Request for Products (RFPs)

In this page I document a list of products I want to have and ideas I might pursue at some point. I am making it public as they might give you an idea of my thoughts and might help me meet interesting people. You can always get in touch if you want to discuss.

Booking Accessible Hotel Rooms

Every time I travel I have to call a number of hotels to check if they have wheelchair accessible rooms and if they are available for my dates. This makes planning for travel tedious. And this is a segment that is going to grow as the European population ages and desire more of those rooms.

Netflix for science papers

As an aspiring polymath I want to be able to find out the best research papers. Academia is full of interesting stuff but there is no way for the public to find the best research papers to read. Google Scholar is too noisy and not mobile friendly. I want curation, discovery, and ratings.

Note taking via a chat interface

Something like WhatsApp that allows me to only talk to myself. I would start a thread about a certain topic (e.g. Work) and be able to dump whatever thoughts I have in a chat interface. Including pictures, voice notes…etc. No bots. No notifications. Just note taking in a chat interface.

Affordable Weight Scale for disabled people

Do you know how much it costs to get a weight scale I can hop on with my wheelchair or I can sit on? At least $1000. I believe most of this cost is because they make it a medical device and get money from insurance. I want one for home.

Ecommerce for wheelchair parts

I want to be able to order new brakes online. This is available in America, not in Europe.

Introduction Based Dating

Something that allows me to ask my trusted friends for introductions to people that also trust them. Would save a lot of effort and have higher success rate.