Deliveroo Surge Pricing

I am hungry on a Saturday night. I opened Deliveroo to order dinner, selected the restaurant, opened the page, and got this.

Sorry, we are unable to process your order right now.

There was another message in German. I google translated it.

Due to high demand in your area, we can not accept any new orders more apologize.

Supply is the fuel of marketplaces. In low supply, Uber tries to motivate┬ámore drivers by increasing prices. I don’t know what Deliveroo does regarding┬áthis.

The second problem with Deliveroo, there is no way to know when this would end. Uber allows you to see the cars on the street and by tracking the surge factor you can somehow predict when cars would be available or surge ends. Also Uber has the option to notify you when cars become available or surge ends.

Seems there won’t be dinner for me tonight.