Request for Product: Cheap Wheelchair Weight Scale

Today I got this reminder to update my current weight. Sadly I don’t know how much I weigh. Last time I weighed myself was last year at my wheelchair maintenance place. They had those weight scales that one can hop on with the wheelchair. I weighed my chair then I sat on it and weighed us both to be able to find out my weight. Since then I was not able to do it again.

I tried searching online and the cheapest price I found was 600 Euro for an unknown brand. The middle range of those wheelchair weight scales cost between 1000-2000 Euro. This high price point is mainly driven by them being for commercial and not home use. They are mostly big, bulky, and heavy (One model I checked was 45 kilograms!).

I am sure with current technology there can be good enough wheelchair weight scales for home use that cost no more than 100 Euro. I hope someone builds such product.