Would it make a difference?

One question I learned to ask myself before posting something on social media is whether it would make a difference?

I am angry about so many things same as you, I don’t like the bullshit coming out of the startups scene, the non-sense in our politics, and even non-checked rumors being spread as facts.

However, I don’t exert much effort into expressing┬áthis┬ábecause 1) It wouldn’t make any difference. 2) I should save this mental energy for a more productive task including but not limited to chilling out.

What’s the value in explaining debatable/controversial topics if everyone has already made up their mind and looking for what’s supporting their point of view?

Continuously asking this helps me think before I post anything online. I also believe that the best way to change someone’s opinion is by talking to them privately, not in a public heated online post where people’s brain survival mechanism kicks in to prove they are not wrong.