I am a big fan of Fred Wilson’s blog. I was reading it before even knowing the word entrepreneurship. I was reading the MBA Mondays and for me it was a blog that provided a lot of value about technology. I didn’t even understand what AVC means.

Blogging was the social networking, before social networking. It was the place where you could share your ideas and interact with fellow internet users who are interested in the same topic, and then Facebook and twitter came.

Still, I have a thing for blogging. It is the place where one can express ideas without the noise associated with social networking. It also forces me to think of what I am writing as blog audience is different from social network user. A blog user is interested in the content or the person writing it while social networks are perceived as the place where everyone is expressing their ideas and emotions sometimes without limits.

I am trying to become a more regular writer, which is why I decided to write this blog and publish it. I really like Fred’s commitment to his blog and I hope I can achieve a similar commitment because writing doesn’t only get ideas out, but also instills them within my mind.