The Dutch complain about the weather all the time. 

The problem with the Dutch weather isn’t that it is too cold or too hot. It is totally unpredictable. 

You can literally see the four seasons in one hour. In one hour it could be hailing, sunny, rain showers, cloudy, then sunny again before it is back to cloudy cold.

One of the main drivers of uncertainty is the rain. You don’t know whether it is gonna rain or not, and for how long? If it is small drops now, will it get worse? Or stops? You don’t know.

The Dutch has a solution: Buienalarm

This app tracks your location and if it feels it is going to rain heavily where you are, it notifies you at least 30 minutes in advance.

If you go out at this peak you will get wet as if you just came out of the pool. Knowing this in advance is a life saver.

I still can’t figure out how it works and where it is getting the data from. The app can only predict 60-90 minutes in advance. Probably this is the reason it is this accurate.

It was only working in the Netherlands and Belgium, and recently it launched for Germany under the name “Drops”.

It is totally free which I don’t understand. There is no other app I know of that solves this problem with this accuracy. I would pay to use it.

Anyways, thank you Buienalarm, and welcome Drops. Hope you are as accurate as your father.