LinkedIn Recruiter Signals

I was browsing a GoEuro job on LinkedIn when I saw a banners saying something about signaling to recruiters that I am ready for my next move. As usual I clicked to see what is this which took me to a LinkedIn page with a switch button that I could turn on to tell recruiters I am ready for my next move.




I played with it a little, turned it on and off. As soon as I turned it off, I got the following email.


I liked the reply to share feedback. Makes the feedback process natural and easy. Not many big companies do this.

Second, here are the two feedback points I sent to the team

  • Can recruiters in my company see this? It would be embarrassing if yes.
  • The feature didn’t indicate whether it is about just being interested in hearing from others, or by turning it on it means I am ready to move and leave my current job. I know that both seem the same, but for me they are a bit different.


Now, if you know someone who is suitable for this Business Operations Manager opportunity at GoEuro, please introduce us.