How to build a wheelchair phone mount?

When I got my new wheelchair one of the problems I wanted to solve is not having to get the phone in and out of my pocket. It is not easy when you have to do it while sitting, also it makes it harder to navigate while rolling on the street.

I didn’t find any off the shelf good wheelchair mounts, so I built mine. I got inspired while searching for GoPro accessories. So here is how you build your own.


On the picture from the right

  • GoPro Jaws Flexible Clamp Mount (The first two pieces).
  • GoPro Basic Buckle
    • It comes with any GoPro. If you don’t have one you can buy them from Amazon.
  • These 3: The one to the right you can get from any camera accessories section, they are used to fix cameras on tripods and mounts. The other two I took off an $8 selfie stick. You can also find them in the camera accessories section but they are harder to find.img_0154
  • Zacro Universal Smartphone Static Adapter (Amazon Germany), or Vastar Universal Cell Phone Tripod Mount Adapter  (Amazon US).

The final product

Tie everything together in the same order of the first picture from right to left. The final product will be like this.





Pro editions


extra height with a selfie stick