Algorithms to live by

The object of study in mathematics is truth, the object of study in computer science is complexity. – Algorithms to live by

I just finished this book. I never thought I would enjoy an algorithms book as much as I enjoyed this one. It has a unique perspective combining history, real world problems, and deeply technical topics in fun, simple English format.

If you studied computer science, it will give you the history and the why of many of the things you studied as well as expand your knowledge to other areas you might have heard of but never worked on.

If you didn’t study computer science, it will help you understand computational thinking, why things the way they are, and surprise surprise, you will learn about the limitations of computers and the trade offs software developers have to make to reach a working solution.

In all cases, you will learn how to use computational thinking to make decisions in life, and some of these will be your algorithms to live by.