for teams

This morning we had a big announcement for the tribe (organization) I am working for. It was about what our primary metric will be. I have few concerns about this specific metric. I voiced some of them in the all hands meeting, but I felt the need to structure them in a better way.

Previously I used Yammer, Facebook for work, Slack, and a bunch of Atlassian products (Confluence, Wiki, Jira…etc). None of these optimize for writing/reading lengthy posts. Plus they are noisy since they have a lot of features. Email is specific, and it is not opt in.

That’s why I felt there is a need for a like product for internal blog posts. You would have posts like

  • Why I am against using X as the primary metric?
  • Reducing latency by 50%
  • I quit office coffee and now I bring my own. Why you should do the same?
  • Why X failed? A postmortem
  • Shipping faster by doing whatever

Medium encourages writing as much as it encourages reading. There is nothing that serves this need for teams. Communication and transparency could be much better. The sky is the limit.