Since I moved to Berlin, I feel like I am on the most wanted list for Christian evangelists.

Every time they see me, they stop me to give me a brochure. It started to extend further than those in subway stations. Sometimes I get stopped by random people on the street, I think they need help go somewhere to find them giving me one of the brochures. Today a lady stopped me, opened her wallet, and kept searching until she found a brochure to give me.

I am not annoyed by them. They are nice people. It is just an observation.

  • amrsamir

    A few years back, there was a knock on my door and two (probably swiss) ladies were standing there and told us in broken Arabic “متى يكون الخلاص؟”.
    We were confused, and they were confused when we didn’t understand them. That was the only Arabic they knew, they didn’t know English, and we didn’t know much German back then. They gave us a brochure and told us someone that speaks Arabic will be there.
    We asked them how did they know we were Arabs? Guess what, they went around checking names on postal boxes, and knocked the door of anyone with an Arabic sounding name :D.