Grit Score

Forgive me father for I have clicked on a Harvard Business Review article. And it was about “Organizational Grit“. It is by the author of the book “Grit”, in which the author argues that grit (passion + perseverance) is the key to success in life.

I tried reading the book and got bored. It has the same template of such books where you start with a strong argument and keep repeating it to fill 200+ pages with studies that support it.

In the article there is a link to the “Grit Score Test”, which is a 10 questions survey that measure your level of grit to predict your success potential. I scored at the lower end of “American adults in a recent study”.

This whole grit thing have multiple problems. It almost completely ignores the circumstances, which are mostly out of one’s control. It is mostly measured in retrospect, you won’t find someone who had high grit score and failed but you can always say that anyone succeeded had grit.

It is like everything in life: it depends.