I didn’t use to tag the posts I publish on this blog. I recently decided to start using tags. Yesterday I went and tagged the most recent 60 posts I published.

There are multiple benefits to tags 1) They give me visibility on different topics I write about. 2) They make my posts about a certain topic accessible to new visitors of the blog (you can also follow my posts about a specific topic by going to the tag link/rss). 3) They might have SEO benefit, however I am not sure about it.

I also went and added a tags cloud on the right section of the blog (you will have to scroll to the very end to see it on mobile). My top tags so far are Product, Product Management, Thoughts, Product Analysis, and Books.

I am yet to clean my navigation bar and improve my search, but my plan is to have a tags page and move the tags cloud there. Until then they will stay on the right section of the blog.