Product Posts

When I started this blog and decided to try to blog daily I wanted to have some professional benefit along the way. This is supposed to be driven by sharing the lessons I am learning through work or talking with others. And by voicing my opinions on different product topics.

This is one area where I am not succeeding. I have many content ideas but they are mostly lengthy posts that require half a day to finish each. They are more like essays than short posts.

Here are some titles and topics I am thinking

  • Product Domain Knowledge: How to deal as a product manager with products where you domain knowledge without creating unnecessary tension with the team.
  • Professional Readme: There is the relatively known idea of “Manager Readme”. I wanted to write a professional readme about myself and my style of working to make it easier for others who work with me, or want to hire me to have a good introduction about my strengths and weaknesses.
  • Writing a newsletter: Few months ago I started sending our department newsletter. I did some interesting experiments and wanted to share the lessons from this experience.
  • Demystifying Stakeholder Management
  • Mentoring new product managers: What I think constitutes a good mentor-mentee relationship.
  • Writing Product/Feature Announcements

And I am sure there will be more. But I need to commit.