My Email to Jeff Bezos

Yesterday I emailed the following to Jeff Bezos on his public email.

Subject: Anecdote: Kindle Page Location
Hi Jeff,

I am disappointed that there is no proper way to track my progress on Kindle. Most books have no page numbers. And this location thing is not understandable. What does location 1963 out of 15236 mean?

Even the % progress is misleading. It includes parts of the book you are not gonna read like acknowledgements, glossaries, and resources. Since those parts are not fixed in all books, you don’t know at what % the book will be finished. And it is never at 100%.

Time is equally confusing. When it says 3 minutes until the end of chapter, it is not the end of the chapter. It is the end of the current part of the chapter. When I want to sleep I am unable to know if I should stay a bit longer or this chapter is too long to finish.

There is no page number, the number of minutes is misleading, and practically I have to estimate things myself. If the Kindle team can fix this, that would be great.

Thank you,
Mostafa, a mostly happy customer 🙂