Random Thoughts

I recently cooked two successful dishes. This included the first chicken I can say I would eat again. This is a milestone.

I will start to blog more about my work. I realized I am answering many questions that can be spread out through a blog post. I will start from tomorrow and as a starting schedule I will make every Monday a product management post. I wanted to do Wednesday but realized it is hard to write something long not on a Sunday.

Next week I am attending the product management festival in Zurich. I normally don’t attend conferences but thought it might be a good idea to see the grass on the other side. I will be blogging from there.

I recently got an interesting question about how DevOps look like in a big company like Zalando? While I answered the person I think this would be a good post material. I also had the same question when I joined the company and the team I am in.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow is the first in the Product Monday series. It will be about how to resist as a product manager the urge to interfere in the team’s work especially when you have domain knowledge in the product you are managing. Stay tuned.