I was never in a good relationship with animals. There is this reputation that dogs are not welcomed in middle eastern cultures. Sadly this is true. In Egypt there are many street dogs and cats. They are having a tough life surviving what’s happening to them on the streets.

It took me 3 years to get to where I am in my relationship with dogs. First time I touched a dog it was a golden retriever. It was owned by someone on our street back in Egypt and I only touched it when a friend who is an expert with dogs reassured me that it won’t bite.

Since moving to Europe I got way better. I now don’t mind being next to dogs. And what made it better is my current coworker who brings his two dogs. They are big. One of them is curious and always comes to me when I approach him.

I am no longer scared but still not comfortable with the licking. I think this will take some time before I am also ok with it.

I am considering getting a dog but have two main concerns. One is training it to be controllable. I don’t have the physical strength to control the dog if it runs from me or attacks someone. Second is cleaning especially in the house. I hire someone to clean for me but I am not sure how much cleaning do I need if I have a dog in house.

If you have advice (other than not getting one), let me know.