Family Frequency

One of the biggest tension points with my mother is the frequency of me calling her. I try to do it weekly but for her it is not enough. She wants me to call her daily and she keeps saying all her friends’ kids that live abroad call their mom every day. I did this quick twitter poll where I am asking

For those who live abroad, you call family

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • From time to time
  • I am not living abroad/show me the results.

The results (The % is based on the first three answers only, as the fourth is not relevant to the segment I am asking):

  • 43 responded with daily (42%)
  • 34 responded with weekly (33%)
  • 25 responded with from time to time (25%)

I am not that bad. The majority of people do it weekly or less. Sadly my mom doesn’t believe in data driven decisions.