The New Kindle Paperwhite

I am now a proud owner of two Kindles, both Paperwhite. I bought the new one in an episode of compulsive shopping. I rarely buy things I don’t need except for online subscriptions, but I have recently started tracking this and controlling it.

There is no big difference between the newest one (10th generation) and the one I had (8th).

The biggest difference I felt is how crisp the text on the new one. The light is also better and more distributed on the screen.

The only disappointment is the audible experience. The new Kindle allows playing audio books on Bluetooth headphones. First, why Bluetooth only? Why everyone hates the jack? Second, I bought some books in both audio and text, I can play the audio while reading the text on the Kindle phone application, I can’t do the same on the Kindle device. Read only, or listen only. Why?

Overall, not worth the upgrade, but I am a Kindle fanboy anyways.