The Dopaminifaction of Coding Education

Such a long title. But it is what this post is about.

I am recently giving a lot of thought to coding education. I think we haven’t figured a way to make it as fun as games, and give you the right amount of knowledge that enables you to become self sufficient. It always leans on being boring and informative or fun but not useful.

I recently convinced someone to learn coding, and now I am tasked to tell them what to do. I actually don’t know. I think Coursera and the likes are too challenging for someone who never wrote any code. I need something slower with small wins along the way. And it has to take the person to a level where they are confident about continuing on their own or by finding harder topics. In short I am trying to find the minimum investment and reward (dopamine) that makes someone hooked to coding.

If you have ideas please shoot them my way.