Random thoughts

Aloha! It is been quite some time since I wrote one of those.

I actually don’t have much on my mind. If you have been following the recent posts, quite few of them were lengthy. This mostly comes from having a lot of time in the past few weeks.

I am proud of my brain diet post, I have always wanted to share how I do this and finally had the ability to do it.

On the other side I feel I exaggerated the expected effect of the racism in Germany post. It got read more than my average posts but the paragraph in which I say it might bring heat to me was kinda stupid. It is actually a well balanced post and not my most controversial thought. But in general I like how I wrote it and I am also glad I wrote it because it will save me time in the future when someone asks about my opinion.

I am recently thinking a lot about my superpower to let go. Most people when they say they don’t care, they don’t mean it. I mean it 99% of the time. Almost a year ago I learned there is a philosophical school for that called stoicism. I might be a stoic without knowing it.

As usual, now it is books talk. In January I read more than any other month in my life. I finished 7 Powers, When Violence Is The Answer, Blood Seat and Pixels, and read half way through an Arabic book, plus parts of The Headspace Guide to Meditation, The Book of Why, and currently reading The Order of Time.

After I finish my current book I will go back to venture deals, I tried listening to it which turned to be a useless idea. I bought the text version and will read it. I will also start listening to The Dream Machine.

Tomorrow is a product Monday post. I have no idea what to write about but let’s see.