Google Translate

We were promised flying cars, all we got was Google translate asking us to select text by finger.

I never understood the decision making process behind Google translate mobile app. If I want to translate text from am image, I have to select which text I want to translate. This is fine, but the selection process itself is weird and makes the app experience poorer.

First, I have to select each word. This doesn’t make sense. There can be some magnets that allow me to select a whole portion of the document, or better the app should auto-recognize different paragraphs and ask me to just select a specific paragraph to translate.

Second, formatting. If I choose to translate the whole page, or multiple paragraphs, I completely lose the formatting and the document gets translated as one big bulk of text. This makes it harder to interpret the output.

The translation quality from German is great, but the experience to get to the translation is bad. I hope they fix it.