Random Thoughts

I am trying to curb my twitter addiction so you will see me here more often. There is this negative correlation between how much I write/want to write and how much I use twitter. Twitter makes it easy to write ideas but they are less thoughtful and short lived compared to blogging.

My talk at the Product Management Festival is now online. I got lots of great feedback when I did it back in November. The organizers said it is one of the top rated talks and invited me to PMF Singapore but I declined the invite.

For some reason I am reluctant to share the talk on LinkedIn because I don’t like the type of self promotion people do there. What I am saying is irrational given that twitter has a lot of self promotion as well, but I feel on twitter due to its openness one can attract high quality audience faster than LinkedIn. It also contradicts that I share links to this blog on LinkedIn but I do this only automatically which is just a drop. I still won’t share it there and anyways, who said humans are rational?

I am bored of all books. Can’t find something interesting. The last interesting books I read were the culture map and Accelerate. Both were eye opening and kind of “I wish my people knew this”. If you have book recommendation shoot them my way.