Thoughts on current events

Remote work sucks big time. I met a neighbor yesterday who is like me not from Germany and he was saying social life will be affected greatly, we were joking as if it was missing one more hit and being in Berlin wasn’t enough.

On the bright side of remote work, I don’t have to go from 9th floor to the 2nd to use the accessible bathroom every time I need to. When is Germany going to change the laws on this?

As a pranoid person I don’t like the aspect of remote work where a lot of communication happens in writing. Writing misses the nuances and doesn’t allow for much off the record freedom. I am surprised by how much said that would cause so much trouble in writing.

I am avoiding twitter these days. Too much panicking and negativity.

On the virus side there is a lot to be worried about. There is my family in Egypt which isn’t equiped to handle this. There is me who is a high risk case due to respiratory and heart condition. And there is the economy that’s currently collapsing. Unfortunately one can’t do much about this and it is hard to stop the mind from worrying about them.

That’s it for now.