I am recently obsessed with APIs. The first time I worked on an API was when I integrated travel companies into the Omio platform. Back then I wasn’t that deep and didn’t bother much about the technical details.

In recent years I had to deal with Shopify, DHL, Buchhaltungsbutler, and PayPal APIs for the small business in which I am a co-owner. And I currently manage an API at Delivery Hero that handles 3-4 million orders daily and responsible for transitioning a customer order between the different states in a state machine.

It is fascinating how all those systems talk to each other without any of them having to know how others work. It is something I didn’t think of and now the more I think about it, the more I appreciate it.

I also now understand the need for open banking. And the calls for mandatory end user APIs for social and search applications.

I am really liking it.