Uber Cash: Collect Fare vs End Trip Confusion

Another Uber blog post. This is the final one in the current series as I am moving to Europe tomorrow and will stop using the app for a while. Public transportation/autonomous cars ftw.

If you use an Uber cash trip, the driver will have two options on his screen after starting the trip: Collect fare, and end trip.

The trip screen on the partner app with the two options. The copy above the button says “Collect Fare in cash: At the end of the trip”. The copy on the big button says “End Trip”.

I was with a driver in a trip that just started. He accidentally tapped the “collect fare” button. A big green screen showed saying I should pay the minimum fare which is 10 EGP.

The collect fare screen. The copy on the button says “money that was collected in cash”.

We thought by doing this he accidentally stopped the trip. I said no problem, I will do a new request, just accept it and we can start over. However, something weird happened.

When he closed the “collect fare” screen shown above, we found the trip is still active, on our both phones. He still had the same two options but the “end trip” button became red meaning it is tappable.

The trip screen after closing the “collect fare” screen.

We both thought the trip is still active, so we continued the trip normally. Upon arrival he tapped the “collect fare” again to find it is still at the 10 EGP mark which isn’t right.

This is very confusing.

Why don’t we go to the “end trip” screen (the one where the driver rates the passenger) directly after we “collect fare”? 

And since the driver has the ability to get back to the trip and not end it right away, why can’t we recalculate the fare based on the new distance/time given the fact we still didn’t end the trip?

Maybe there is something I don’t know. Yet, it is still confusing.