Personal News: I am joining GoEuro

Few months ago I wanted to book a train from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf. I heard of a new startup that was hiring Egyptian engineers. So I decided to check out their website.

I went, did my search, got a lot of results from different providers, picked one of them which took me to Deutsche Bahn (DB) website. I was on mobile. DB website didn’t have a mobile friendly version. It was in German which I couldn’t understand.

I said wow! There is so much to do here. This could be big. I want to be part of it. So I decided to apply.

Now I am here. Let’s see how can we take this forward.

BTW now you can book Deutsche Bahn trains directly on GoEuro.

We are hiring. Apply on the website or contact me if you want a referral (Terms & Conditions apply :P).