The business model of the internet

In the 80s there was a popular Egyptian movie called “Ya Rab Walad”. “Dear God, a boy please”. The story is about a wood merchant who has three girls and going through the challenges of being the father of the girls within the Egyptian society.

One of my favorite quotes in the movie is Farid Shawky’s business slogan 

Profit a little, sell more, profit much more

اكسب قليل تبيع كتير تكسب أكتر

I remembered this today as I was discussing what’s the best way to achieve some revenue targets, given you don’t control pricing on the marketplace. 

I think it is very hard to sell the more expensive stuff on the internet. If customers are buying the cheapest, sell them more of it, or sell to more customers. Of course you can highlight the more expensive items to price insensitive customers, but those are not the majority.