Front end engineers

Finding good engineers is generally hard and competitive. But I don’t know why I am getting the feeling that finding front end engineers is even harder.

Few signs to this is the time it takes to fill front end positions vs back end even that front end positions are generally less. Another sign I see is some companies increasing employees referral bonuses for front end positions than back end.

I think part of this problem is that students are generally taught that back end is the real engineering, while front end is a work of designers.

I don’t know what other reasons might lead to this and I am not sure if the industry should work actively to close this gap. I am just writing this as food for thought.

  • Developers hate writing style, they think of it as a humiliation to their intelligence, so it’s left for designers, and not many designers love to code

  • Islam Hassan

    But isn’t that true?! Front-end developers are just designers who know Javascript 😛

  • Ismail Zohdy

    From my experience prespective; there is nothing called front or backend engineer, its called web developer.

    Although specialization is important but connected software engineers are the real asset!

    Usually with new design tools that generates code and new front end development tools and the billions of templates out there; front end demand is vanishing and real good ones need to know more about backend and vice versa