Rauchen ist tödlich

Smoking is deadly. I see this on every cigarette pack in Germany, and in every part of the world.

I was with a friend of mine, he is a smoker, he was telling me these photos of sick people they put on the packs have no influence on him. I told him if they didn’t work, they wouldn’t be there. Maybe I am wrong, maybe they are there because a lobbyist convinced governments to put it without real evidence to support that this works.

This reminded me of the identifiable victim effect. People sympathize more with a cause if they see someone hurt, more than if they see an anonymous person, and more than if they just see the number of people hurt.

Saying donate to save “name” led to more donations than saying donate to save people suffering from “cause”.

Maybe the photo on the cigarette pack doesn’t work because it is anonymous. Maybe instead of saying “Smoking leads to xx” they should say “xx suffered from yy because he was a heavy smoker, he died in 20xx”.