Office wheelchair accessibility

Someone asked me, what makes an office wheelchair accessible?

While there are many articles on the topic, I think most of them are very technical and target contractors, and designers. Here is my version for hiring managers, office managers, and non-technical people.

  1. Is the building accessible with no steps? It doesn’t have to be from the main door, there just needs to be a way that’s flat, and not so steep.
  2. Are there areas of the building that are not accessible? What are they? Sometimes they are not that critical like one cafeteria or few meeting rooms.
  3. Is there a wheelchair accessible bathroom? This means it is spacious enough to have someone with a wheelchair inside with door closed, and it is preferable if it has grab rails next to the toilet, and other facilities such as the sink, the dryer, the napkins box are low enough for the reach of a wheelchair user.

Mostly the best person to know this is the office manager. They should be able to answer the previous questions.