Daily Writing

Writing everyday is really hard. There are days like today where my thoughts are dry. I noticed the more I check social media the less I have the desire to write. My highest quality pieces come when I am away from social media, and sharing thoughts with different people. This inspires me to write.

Another struggle I am having is that while I managed to make the habit consistent for some time, I am unable to time it. Fred Wilson writes daily, and he fixes the time of his writing to be in the morning. As a night owl writing in the morning is not an option. I barely wake up for work. I sometimes have multiple thoughts that I end up writing multiple posts and publish them consecutively during the week. Those weeks I feel relaxed.

Some say why bother? I think because it is one of the best habits one can build. It has asymmetric reward. If I write badly, nobody cares, but if I write well, I gain big upside. It also connects me with others. Since I picked up writing again the last few month, I got contacted by different people who said they benefited from something I wrote, it gave them a new perspective, or they had more questions that sparked other discussions. I am grateful for my readers.