Sunday reads

I went on a reading spree today and read some posts that were hanging in my browser.

Europe’s stock options muddle is handing America a big advantage: Good overview on the problem with stock options in Europe. It has always been a question to me that Europe has some multi billion dollars companies, yet they don’t produce as many millionaires and billionaires as the US. I am glad that someone is pushing for favorable regulation on stock options. Let’s see where this goes.

Can relationship anarchy create a world without heartbreak? It is easier said than done, but I like the idea and the platter model that describes the different types and options.

Science Is Getting Less Bang for Its Buck: Interesting thoughts into how science is becoming less efficient. I like how they explained diminishing returns in science and how we need to move more from discovery to invention and more interdisciplinary science.

What’s Next For Marketplace Startups? The service economy is underrated especially in Europe with the strict labour laws. This is a good post on the topic.