Product Monday: Screenshots

I test many products and take screenshots all the time. This is helpful as it serves as a reference when you want to design something similar.

Timing is key. Some experiences like onboarding or messages only happen once. You need to screenshot before you react.

Here are some examples of screenshots I took recently.

YouTube has different pricing for premium depending on whether you buy the subscription from the web or the app.

During summer, Google changed the font, spacing, and animation of displaying the stops on Maps for iOS. What I felt would’ve been useful was making the S icon to the left move as your location changes to the next stop. This would have been better to tell me where I am.

LinkedIn has a well designed onboarding experience to its mentorship program.

YouTube tries to measure the effectiveness of its ads on your buying behavior. Here it is asking which toothpaste I bought recently. The one I checked is the one I saw an ad on YouTube.

WhatsApp asks you if you want to change your number once you insert a new sim card. I like the copy that explains everything will be migrated. Smooth.

Take screenshots. It is a good habit for free education.