Random thoughts

I recently read this post titled “Wall Street Rule for the #MeToo Era: Avoid Women at All Cost“. I was just thinking about this before I read it. Today I am no one so there is no incentive for someone to false accuse me, but I wonder how it is if someone has influence/money. They can be extorted. I know it is not the norm, but it just makes me thinking.

I am finishing up my reflections on spending a full year at Zalando. I was going to publish it today but I need to activate the self censorship filters which don’t work well when I am ego depleted. I will publish it tomorrow after I review it.

As much as I like the accessibility of the new office we moved to, I hate the location. The bus comes every twenty minutes, and the closest train station has no elevator yet. I have to take the tram which is really slow. And for some reason I am not using this long commute time wisely.

I am currently half way through “Atomic Habits”. It is boring but easy to read. Since I am not in mood for heavy reads it is a good refresher on habit topics.

The tram is arriving, so I need to tap “publish”.