Blog backlog

When I started blogging I wanted to focus on the writing habit and not over optimize. Now that I am this far I want to improve things a little. As I am thinking what I need to do, here is the list I am thinking of, not sorted in any order

  • Redirecting to https. I currently have https but I don’t redirect automatically.
  • Improve the “who am I” page by adding more details.
  • Move the tags cloud into a separate page.
  • Move the search to the top, especially for mobile devices where the responsive theme makes it at the very bottom, defeating its purpose.
  • Add to the email subscribers a piece of text at the top that they can reply to the email that contains the post, and I will get the reply (not many people know this).
  • Maybe add a CV, or a professional page.

This is one of few cases where I am both the product manager and the developer. I am a bad developer and shouldn’t be relied on.