Random Thoughts

Today my thoughts are dry. Mostly due to lack of proper sleep and enough interesting conversations.

I am still going through “The coddling of the American mind”. The book has a good balance of anecdotes, scientific studies, and the author opinion. And I like how they point out to the core issues on the left and the right and the tactics of each. One good thing I realized from reading this book is that I finally understand the American right, left, conservative, liberal, progressive, and libertarian. Those terms were so confusing to me and it is the first time I am reading something and fully understanding it.

Holidays are coming which is leading to quite times. I like it.

I wanted to write about the struggles of being an extrovert. People think it is easier for us to get through life. While I agree being extrovert is a privilege, it introduces some struggles that are not easy to overcome.

Multiple people are questioning whether writing daily has any material value. I want to dedicate a post about this. Short answer: Yes. I just need to show my evidence which I have been sharing only privately. On the non-material side, someone I admire complimented my writings. It made my day. I didn’t expect this person to be reading what I write.

I also realized in the privacy conscious Europe, some people say they don’t want to click on my Zapier links on twitter and LinkedIn. They thought I do this for tracking. I actually don’t care about tracking. I do it out of laziness as I want to automate posting to twitter and LinkedIn.