Random Thoughts

I am failing to get in touch with some people. I am going out almost every day and it is not easy to find common time to talk. MarcoPolo solves part of this problem, but still it is not the best solution. I am sorry.

Recently a friend brought up an interesting point I never thought of. He lives in Germany for five years, he speaks the language, and still feels it is a herculean task to “integrate” with the German society. We were discussing how integration should be a two way street instead of immigrants being always blamed for not integrating. Because even those trying are struggling. I don’t know how to solve this and I know we are the foreigners so we are the ones supposed to go the extra mile, but sometimes the resistance is so strong that it becomes mundane.

I like my usage of “herculean” and “mundane” in the previous paragraph. Shows you how forcing self to avoid saying “very”, “so”, and “too” leads to better writing. I used to work with someone who wrote “very” in every paragraph of every report, it was driving me crazy. Glad we are no longer working together.

I am trying to understand Arrow’s impossibility theorem. I read about it in the book “A man for all markets” which is so far amazing. To me the idea of using physics to predict roulette games and building the first wearable computer for the task is fascinating.