Happy New Year

As I think back on the ending year, my biggest highlight is this blog. This post is #129. I published on 129 days. It wasn’t easy, but it was rewarding. I hope to achieve 365 next year.

Multiple people asked me why write daily? What is the benefit?

It frees my mind. It forces me to articulate my ideas and many times I discover what I am thinking is not the same once I start writing it. It thickens my skin because I expose my ideas to the world to be criticized. It improves my writing at work and other places. It has asymmetric reward, if I write badly, nobody cares, if I write well, it just scales. And, it connects me to people. This year I got multiple messages from people I don’t know. Some complimented my writing, others asked questions, and some gave interesting comments.

“Hi Mostafa, I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog. The concepts & ideas you talk about make me think deeply about certain things I take for granted & also exposed new dimensions of looking at certain topics. Good work!”

Happy 2019. I wish you a great year ahead.